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Mike Loukides - The King is Dead, Long Live the King
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Autor:  Rafael Afonso [ 11 Jun 2009, 19:27 ]
Assunto do Tópico:  Mike Loukides - The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Mike Loukides escreveu:
For a long time, I thought that "The King is Dead, Long Live the King" was a funny bit of irony, or cool dadaist humor. But it really refers to the doctrine of the King's Two Bodies. A king is a mortal person: he's born, he lives, he dies. Nothing changes that. But the king is also the embodiment of the State, and when he dies, physically, the state lives on, embodied in the next king.

It's clear that Java's center of gravity has moved. Google I/O was filled with interesting developers doing interesting things and excited about the changes they were bringing to the industry--whether it's revolutionizing communications through Wave, bringing new applications to phones with Android, simplifying the deployment of JDK-based web applications with App Engine, or changing the way we generate applications with GWT. And, while I wasn't at JavaOne, and while many excellent developers were there, I haven't seen anything from JavaOne that I'd consider a major announcement or a new technology. Last year at JavaOne, developers were justifiably excited about the flowering of languages that run on the JDK. This year, the most important thing I've heard is that Oracle isn't ditching JavaFX. FX is interesting technology with some good potential; it's nice that Oracle isn't ditching it, but not killing FX hardly makes you a technology leader.


Sun has accomplished great things, and I hope they continue to do so as part of Oracle. The JVM is wonderful technology, and "write once, run anywhere" really works: in the application I've developed and maintain, I never have to fix platform-specific bugs. But it's time to move on. Who is moving Java into new areas? Who is doing exciting work? Who is building the future?

The metaphysics of the two Moscone conferences are clear. Google is providing the idea leadership that the Java community needs.

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