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 What to Eat Before, During, and After Running 
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What is a Activity?
What is a Activity?

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Mensagem What to Eat Before, During, and After Running
Even if you only jog the occasional few miles, you've likely heard about marathoners carb-loading the night before a long run or race. But pasta isn't the only food that can help you run well, and it's not just endurance athletes who benefit from proper fueling. What you eat before your run—as well as during, and after—is crucial to helping you feel good, pick up your pace, and recover quickly.

"Nutrition throughout the entire day, weeks, and months has an impact on all your workouts," explains Kyle Pfaffenback, PhD, assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at Eastern Oregon University and a nutrition consultant for the Brooks Beast Track Club. "Thinking about it as an aspect of training will help optimize all your runs and allow your muscles to recover and adapt, too." This is how to eat and drink like a serious runner.

07 Set 2019, 21:27
What is a Activity?
What is a Activity?

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Mensagem Re: What to Eat Before, During, and After Running
Greetings, people! Share your experience in taking sports supplements. What about you, guys do you take something and in what quantity? For what? I began to take protein almost on an ongoing basis. It helps my body to get the missing carbohydrates that are needed for serious training, as well as proteins - the building block for muscles. In the future I will supplement the effect of SARMs, you can click here, but so far there is enough. How do you think?

08 Set 2019, 19:12
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